Byron C. Hedblom
Engagement Portrait

Doris E. Hedblom
Engagement Portrait
The Doris E. excursion vessel is named for her.
The Hedbloms
Clockwise from top Left: Byron Hedblom, Carl Hedblom, June Hedblom, Sophie C. Hedblom, Ruth Hedblom
(Left to Right) Byron C. Hedblom, a General Motors Representative, and Carl G. Hedblom, after signing Electric Ferries of NY Contract.
The Mount Washington II Reaches the Waters of Lake Winnipesaukee for the first time Doris Ann Hedblom (Dory Hayden) Christening the Sophie C. - 1945

Christening of the Doris E. at Meredith New Hampshire, June 25, 1963

Newspaper Article about the Christening of the Doris E.

Launching of the PCE-1606 -L to R: Mr. Byron C. Hedblom, Mrs. Philip W. Snyder, Sponsor, Miss Katherine Watts, Maid of Honor, Capt. Philip W. Snyder, Commander Boston Naval Shipyard, Mr. Carl G. Hedblom, Capt. Joseph L. Bird, Sup Ship and INS ORD Planning Officer. National Archives photo 80-G-638952
Winnipesaukee Steamship Company Flag - The Danish Flag with a Superimposed W for Winnipesaukee. At the Weirs with the Mount Washington On a Boat at
Lake Powell
Family Portrait: Carl Hedblom (father), Dory Hedblom (daugher), Doris Hedblom(wife), Byron Hedblom, Carol Hedblom (daugher).
A V-4 Tug made as part of the WWII war effort Building the Streamline Ferries (also called Streamlined Ferries) Doris and Byron Hedblom kick up their heels on the Italian cruise liner T/n Michelangelo. 100th Birthday Celebration in Naples Florida
The Sophie C. at the Dock in the Weirs The Hudson Ferry Under Construction in East Boston Collection of Photos from a 1929 Trip Across America with Lauritz Rasmussen Plans for the Streamline Ferries (Green Mountain Ferry Company)
The Sea Bee in Boston Harbor The Lighthouse Tender "Birch" The Hudson Ferry Under Construction The Hudson Ferry in Operation
Doris and Byron Hedblom watch a Ship Launch at the Boston shipyard in the 1970s with two grandchildren. Carl G. Hedblom, Shipbuilder, Rotary International Badge (Byron and Carl Hedblom were both Rotarians) Grand Opening - The Extension of the Mount in 1982 Byron Hedblom (right) with Bryan Avery (left), Captain of the Mt. Washington
      Byron Hedblom at the Weirs house with one of the family's pet miniature schnauzers
Chateaugay - Old Postcard - This Steamer's Hull was used to build the Mount Washington II The Str Mt. Washington at Glendale, Postcard postmarked 1938 Str Mt. Washington at Wharf, Center Harbor, Lake Winnepesaukee. Postcard postmarked 1931 Post Card Circa 1970
General Ship & Engine Works Playing Cards with the Clipper Ship Logo "8 Highly Absorbent Wax Bottom Coasters" - M.V. Mt. Washington Souvenir S.S. Mount Washington II Maiden Voyage - August 18, 1940 - Captain Lavallee / James R. Irvin, General Manager