Website Credits

This website was created in memory of our beloved "Dindy" by Wendy Lubetkin (granddaughter) and her husband Gerald Obara, with help from everyone in our family.

The texts are largely based upon an extraordinary work of family history undertaken by Byron Hedblom's son-in-law, Bill Schwegler (Husband of the Hedblom's youngest daughter Carol).

Bill spent over a year interviewing Byron Hedblom and compiled his memories into a self-published book entitled "The Saga of General Ship & Engine Works." Without Bill's dedication to this project, our family history would not have been anywhere near as complete.

Many of the historic photographs of ships come from the collection of Michael Dodge (grandson) who has acted as the archivist of our family's shipbuilding heritage for many years. Our grandfather referred to Mike's extensive collection of Mount Washington and General Ship memorabilia as "your marine museum."


The Winnipesaukee Flagship Corporation
Successor company to Byron and Doris Hedblom's Winnipesaukee Steamship Company. Operates the Mount Washington Cruises fleet, consisting of the 230-ft. M/S Mount Washington and two smaller vessels, the M/V Sophie C., and M/V Doris E.

The Lantern Inn
The home Byron Hedblom built for his wife and family just after WWII has been converted into a Bed & Breakfast,the Lantern Inn B&B owned and operated by David & Shay Doyon.

The Lake Winnipesaukee Historical Society
The Lake Winnipesaukee Historical Society is nonprofit organization dedicated to promote and preserve the history and heritage of Lake Winnipesaukee and vicinity.